Currently – April 2017

Staying up way past my bedtime. It’s nearly midnight I can’t sleep. What’s a lapsed blogger to do? Write a blog post!

Listening to kid music–we’ve just discovered Bryant Owen on YouTube and Amazon Music and I think Simeon and I appreciate the new tunes more than Eli!

Scheming a few weekend getaways. Having just returned from Sacramento we’re looking at Vermont, Cape Cod, Connecticut, and Boston next!

Healing from one form of illness or another. Eli has had his fair share of whatever’s been going around (and sharing it with his poor parents) and we’re doing what we can to try to take care of it all for good.

Drinking lots of water (and coffee). I recently found out I am way too dehydrated (I know the coffee doesn’t help) so I’m trying to compensate with lots more water. It’s hard!

Trying to cook more. I found a new cookbook I’m obsessed with called Sugar Detox Me and I love all the recipes and meal plans. Now I only need to up my cooking skills and perhaps we’ll have dinner!

Enjoying the spring weather. It was actually 80 degrees today!!! I hardly believe it myself. We enjoyed a lovely and slow family day and spent a fair amount of time outside soaking up the sunshine and sitting on our sun porch as afternoon fell. Perfection.

Delighting in Eli’s growing vocabulary. Today he said “popcorn” for the first time. It’s amazing to say something to him and suddenly hear it parroted back in his adorable little voice. I don’t doubt we’ll be hearing sentences soon.

Preparing for a podcast launch. Yes! I’m working on a podcast show all about living an intentional life and expect to have the first few episodes ready for your ears this spring. (!!)

Decorating our new home. I went to my first tag sale of the season on Saturday and scored a two plant stands and a cute decorative pillow.

Basking in the love from our visit to California for Passover. We enjoyed being with family so much and Eli was a total trooper through all the traveling. I’m so grateful!

Enjoying an afternoon with family at the Sacramento Zoo



IMG_4529IMG_4557Celebrating the launch of my best friend’s food truck! North Folk mobile bakery and custom catering is now in business!

Finishing my thesis paper and getting started on my final presentation. 1+ more weeks to go!

Enjoying watching Eli become more confident walking on two legs. He’s so fast!!

Rearranging a closet in the house as an office space. Can’t wait to share the pictures of the transformation soon!

Swapping old clothes for new-to-me-old-clothes. Some friends and I recently got together over the weekend for a girls brunch and clothes swap. Good cheap fun!

Listening to music just so I can watch Eli bounce along in rhythm. He’s got a good ear, for sure. Also, listening to James Taylor in concert at Tanglewood! A favorite way to celebrate 4th of July weekend in the Berkshires (20,000 other folks thought so too, apparently).

Looking forward to late August when my most pressing responsibilities outside of homelife will be wrapped up.

Savoring my evenings now that Eli is falling asleep in his crib on his own.

Rewatching the Great British Baking Show and eagerly awaiting the release of the next episodes of season 3. I always feel good after watching that show – I love it so much!

Feeling really good and healthy on the Whole30 diet and considering extending it somewhat past the 30 day mark…we’ll see.

Walking a lot with Eli and his little buddy Sam when I have them together on Wednesday afternoons, and…

Trying to exercise more now that I feel like I have a little bit more energy and strength from eating so clean.

Needing to go to sleep earlier but seriously failing. Now that evenings are somewhat free again, I can’t seem get enough of them!

And on that note, I better sign off and say goodnight (or good morning!). 😉





Reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr for Book Club. Even though we’ve been meeting for 6 months this is the first book we’ve read! I really hope I can make it to our July meeting to talk about it–and honestly, I hope I get around to finishing it too…It’s a really long read.

Knitting up a storm for Baby Bittman. I’m in love with this latest project and can’t wait to share. The plan is to finish it before the baby arrives but to do so means I’ve got a lot of stitches to go.

Buying last minute things for the baby. Pacifiers, diapers, etc. Can never have enough I imagine…

Enjoying life to the fullest right now. Day trips to Burlington, afternoons at a local cafe, impromptu dinner parties with friends. Whatever we can do to enjoy our freedom from a schedule is on the list!

Welcoming my mom to town. Last time she was here it was negative degrees everyday. I’m so glad she gets to experience the beauty of Vermont in lovely weather this time around. And for such a happy occasion too!

Feeling inspired by the many beautiful gardens in our area. We’ve been gifted with a few vegetable plants and I hope I can get them to thrive this summer. It’s my first attempt at gardening and since I want to one day be able to grow much of our own produce, I hope this practice garden will set me on the path to do so. There’s no shorter of experts around to get advice from so I really have no excuse! Oh, except a baby, that’s true. 😉

Teaching myself to sew. I think the last time I sewed something I was 10 and had my mom to help me with the hard parts. Maybe she’ll help me again? I’ve got a glider that’s in need of a new cover and it’s certainly not going to sew itself!

Enjoying the off and on rainstorms mixed with bright days of pure sunshine. What an incredible start to the summer. I love Vermont in June!

Shopping at the farmers market every weekend. Which right now means buying treats from our friends at Ardelia Farm and being social amongst friends and neighbors. Everyone seems to have a Saturday morning routine here: breakfast, taking garbage and recycling into the village, and ending up at the market. Since we have a much later season than other areas of New England lots of items aren’t ready for harvest yet. Of course, we’re looking forward to all the fresh fruits and veggies that will arrive in our waiting baskets soon enough.


Currently: May

Currently: May

Working on grant proposals for my job

Playing with the idea of making things with my sewing machine

Knitting baby things! Oh the cuteness!

Watching lots of The Tonight Show on Hulu while I knit

Listening to Snatum Kaur during yoga sessions. Perfect for calming the mind while I calm my body.

Drinking real cranberry juice and mixing it with other juices just for fun. I just need sparkling water for a perfect evening mocktail!

Making summer plans and dreaming of how fun it will be with a small baby in tow.

Feeling stuck/un-stuck then stuck/un-stuck on repeat. Getting clarity on what creates flow in my life and trying to follow those signs.

Reading all our books on prepping for labor & delivery and life with baby. So far I can highly recommend everything by Ina May Gaskin and The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to  Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions by Penny Simkin

Eating all the ice cream! Sim and I got our first creamees of the season at the local village market (pictured above) but they weren’t that good. Hoping that the maple creamees just outside town will be better. Must taste test to find out!


Currently: March

Currently: March

Marveling at the size of my baby bump

Attending my first Vermont Town Meeting

Eating breakfast three times before lunch

Feeling the baby kick more frequently and with greater power

Stooping to pet my cat shadow who follows me every. place. I. go.

Shopping for warm weather clothes

Dreaming of our sunny island vacation ahead

Scheming big plans for my little business in 2015

Listening to All the Podcasts

Treasuring time alone, just me and my man, before we become a family of three

Waking early for my precious daily yoga sessions

Assembling our new dining room+prep table and bar stools

Curating our new home to make it truly our own

Feeling more and more like a *real* adult. New home. Check. New car. Check. Baby on the way. Check.

Enjoying this last year of my twenties including all its ups and downs




computer flowers

♥ Emailing myself cool links at my new email address so I’ll have some fun things to read when I open it for the first time.

♥ Tracking my to dos better than ever before with my bullet journal

♥ Applying to graduate school! Veeeery excited.

♥ Snuggling my fiancé and exclaiming “I’m going to MARRY you!” every five minutes in between saying “You’re going to be my HUSBAND!” Does. Not. Get. Old.

♥ Brunching in honor of myself with my best Berkshire lady friends (minus the few who couldn’t make it). So fun!

♥ Watching YouTube yoga videos because they are free and fun. Thank you, crowdsourcing, for invigorating my yoga practice.

♥ Running…and then not running. And then running again. Because I can’t quite decide if I want to.

♥ Wishing I had kept up my Project Life album this year.

♥ Reading The Town That Food Saved by Ben Hewitt and loving it.

♥ Finishing my last few wedding to-dos. Phew!

♥ Feeling so proud that we did so much for the wedding ourselves.

♥ Reminiscing over photos of my bachelorette weekend in NYC with some of my best friends.

♥ Craving vacation and getting eager for our Honeymoon

♥ Fawning over the incredibly generous gifts we’ve received from family and friends. Vitamix, and Le Creuset, and All Clad, oh my! We’re both mighty grateful.



Savoring the brief weekend visit from Simeon. The few days he spends here each week are feeling like they’re getting shorter and shorter.

Snuggling my cat morning and night.

Eating lots of bacon. I love bacon.

Writing a letter to a pen pal who doesn’t know she’s going to be my pen pal yet.

Talking on the phone to my bestie while she drives across the country. Lucky for me, she’s moving within driving distance!

Listening to lots of Ruth Moody whose music matches my own moodiness.

Applauding Brushy One String at his performance at Mass MoCA this weekend.

Journaling my heart out. So. Much. to Process.

Spending quality time with good friends.

Rearranging the furniture in the house. It’s soothing to start fresh.

Playing Cards Against Humanity and crying from laughter.

Trying new cheeses practically everyday.

Searching for the perfect wedding gown and enlisting friends to help.

Anticipating the next big steps for my little family.

Planning the details of one of the most important days of my life.

Ignoring the voices in my head that saying, “Can’t//Won’t//Ya right//Uh-uh”.

Expressing gratitude for all the gifts of my life and all the blessings I know are on their way come.

Addressing the Save the Dates. Mailing those babies this week!

Watching ‘Breaking Bad’ like its my job.

Reading Cold Mountain for the first time and loving it.

Breathing through all the fear and doubt about the future.

Forgiving myself daily.

Buying fresh flowers for the house.

Expanding the limits I’ve set for myself and re-imagining who I think I am.