July Goals

imageJune came and went without goals. Alas, there were other *important* things on my mind – like having a baby… Which I did!

Now it’s July and here I am adjusting to life with a newborn, figuring out which way is up and discovering a new definition for “normal.”

This month is all about that new normal. About finding the regular, the ordinary, and the everyday interwoven amongst the magical and miraculous. Watching a tiny human transform before my eyes blows my mind. I need a rope back to earth; I need this month to fall gently back to ground, a month to find my feet solidly beneath me.

With that in mind, here are my top goals for July:

+ Read for fun | This year my nightstand was full of books for grad school or books about childbirth. I’m ready to sit down during nap time with a good fiction novel and tap into my imagination.

+ Organize photo folders for a baby pictures | Like most modern parents, our iPhones are already packed with pictures of our baby in endless poses that differ one from the other only by the slightest twitch or nod. I want to eliminate the possibility of drowning in my photo stream by creating a folders on my computer where I can drag and drop favorites. Then I’ll *gasp* delete the rest. And fingers crossed those favorites will become a baby album by next summer!

+ Finish my knitting for Eli | I thought I was going to have another week at least to complete this project before Eli’s arrival but he had other plans. So this month I’m going to enjoy knitting without rushing and take my time loving up each stitch.

Ah, it’s July already! Happy new month everyone! It’s gonna be a good one. 🙂

May Goals

May Goals

What’s that saying, in like a lion out like a lamb? That’s what April felt like – if the lion is cold, cold weather and the lamb is SPRINGTIME, glorious SPRINGTIME. Thank god. 

April’s goals were achievable and not too much of a stretch, but there was a shift which I’ll mention in a moment. First, I had wanted to eat more greens – and more healthfully in general. Accomplished! I made a couple of big salads for dinner and had lots of greens as sides throughout the month. This does not exclude the pint of mint chocolate ice cream I ate in one sitting, however. All I can say is, it was green?

I also expected to clarify my work role this month as I prepare for maternity leave. After many conversations with confidants about my work and career expectations and some inner searching I came to some conclusions that feel good for now. The words surrender and no rushing just about sum it up.

Lastly, I had wanted to get the nursery in order for our little one. Well, I did get the room mostly set up but instead of a baby room it turned into a guest room! This month we upgraded our bed to a king size to fit the baby since we plan to co-sleep for the time being and rather than sell our queen we decided to keep it in case family/friends decide to stay on during baby’s first year or one of us needs the extra space with a middle of the night feeding situation. I’m really pleased and though I wouldn’t say I accomplished my original goal, I feel complete nonetheless.

Now, on to May!

+ Make something for baby. My knitting needles have been full of a project for a friend’s new baby and I haven’t yet turned my attention towards creating something for my own. I’d like to remedy that this month as I slow down (forcibly by my shortness of breath and heavier body) and spend more time in quiet contemplation of this new person soon to join our family. What to make, what to make…

+ Bring back daily walks. Omygoodness people, the sky is blue, the crows are crowing, the peepers peeping and I am overjoyed to have fallen in love with Vermont again. Dusk is a beautiful time here as the hills turn a majestic purple in the golden light and I find a walk down our dirt road is the perfect remedy for a long day. Walking is also terrific labor prep so #doublewin!

+  Write, write write. I have so many blog posts, guests posts, and other random articles I’d like to get out of my head and onto the page. Now’s the time and I know it.

April Monthly Goals

imageSomehow it became April while I’ve been away. I’m thrilled that the season of Spring is finally upon us but wish someone would alert Vermont weather so the snow can stop its endless falling.

Before launching into my goals for this month, how about a brief wrap-up of March’s intentions?

I did pretty well on my March goals overall. I had wanted to find a daily routine to help me stay sane while traveling for three weeks, micromanage our finances, and print photos for my scrapbook.

Daily yoga was critical to helping me maintain a stable routine while on the road. It gave me a touchstone to return to when my mind was whirling from over stimulation and it also helped me feel better in my body after numerous flights, bus rides, and car rides. There wasn’t a lot about my day-to-day that was similar this month so creating a thorough schedule wasn’t helpful. Instead, I tried to make sure I made time for the things that mattered: catching up with Simeon by phone, reading and staying on top of my school work, practicing yoga, and getting enough sleep. It’s amazing how important the little things are to making each day a success!

Sim and I have both been watching our spending and trying to stay within the categories we planned for in this budget cycle. I think it’s working and I’m happy to continue with this process.

I completely failed at printing photos, though. Turns out I had purchased the wrong ink for my printer and had to wait for the right ink to be shipped. I decided bringing the printer on my travels was going a little overboard, so the printing will have to wait until I get back.


This month, I’ve got three simple goals that I’m excited about.

Eat more greens. Travel, celebrations, and being in the South have meant eating lots of sweet goodies. It’s time to take a break from all the sugar consumption and return to simple, wholesome meals at home. Kale, I’m coming for ya!

Clarify my work role. As I gear up for maternity leave in a few months, I think I’ll be happier and more productive if I clarify now what I expect to get accomplished this spring. We’ve been at the turn of a new chapter in our organization this year and it’s time to make some adjustments so each team member knows what to expect from where we’re headed next.

 Decorate the nursery. Nothing soothes my nerves like a little spring cleaning mixed with pretty home decor! I’m eager to “finish” decorating our home and prepare for our new arrival. Putting up artwork, finding the right furniture, and getting everything in its place will go a long way to helping me feel as prepared as possible for the big changes ahead.

It’s going to be a good month!

March Monthly Goals

March goals

We’re a few days into March but I’d like to go ahead and call out some personal goals for the month. Just small, achievable, measurable to-dos that I want to be publicly accountable for. Nothing major for right now, and probably each of these has appeared on a goal list before (not trying to reinvent the wheel here!), but still, things that would make a real difference in my life if accomplished.

So this month I want to…

Develop a workable daily routine that I can take on the road. I’m going to be traveling 3 out of 5 weeks this month and I know that I’ll fall apart at the seams if I can’t find some semblance of routine to keep me grounded. #DailyYoga will help, as will starting and ending each day the same way. Other than that, I’m practicing this week and next with things that will help me feel in control of my day-to-day experience.

Micromanage our finances. We’ve been getting slowly better at keep track of what’s coming in and going out and I’ve begun relying on systems for helping us to see where we are each month. But it could be better–of this I am sure. So, I’ve re-commited to Mint.com, I’ve designated myself as family CFO (with Simeon’s approval), and I’m going hawk-eyed over every purchase, penny, and printout this month. I’m actually super excited about it. Nerd-alert!

Print photos. I have been terrible, just terrible at keeping up with my scrapbooking goals over the past two years. But when I think back on my memories it’s the ones saved in the scrapbooks that are always the sharpest. With life flying by at an alarming rate, I know Future Me will be so grateful to Present Me if I can get at least some kind of weekly scrapbooking done. To really entice myself to get in on the action, I signed up for a killer monthly subscription of scrapbooking supplies and am promising myself I’ll call the photo printer company to ask why my home printer suddenly called it quits. My goal is to share my pages here on the blog so you can see how our memories are being made each week too!


#natanyayogadailyIt might be the energy of a new year or perhaps a fresh calendar page, but I am feeling a sense of renewal and inspiring vigor. If I really wanted to pinpoint the reason, I think my commitment to daily yoga has something to do with it. (#natanyayogadaily on Instagram if you want to follow my daily practice).

#natanyayogadailyEvery morning I spend at least 20 minutes on my mat. Breathing, gently bending and twisting, and finding my balance (both physically and mentally).

#natanyayogadailyIt’s been wonderfully refreshing for my spirit. I feel an ease now within my own skin that I didn’t realize had been absent. There’s a lightness in my step; I stand a little taller, straighter. May I be so bold to say it? I’m becoming the person I knew I could be.

Do you have a resolution for the new year? An intention or goal? They certainly aren’t necessary, but if you feel so inspired, maybe take a few extra deep breaths right now. Yes, this very second. And trust that whatever you need will find you. Keep trusting. Keep practicing. Keep asking.

Keep on. I’ll meet you in savasana.



I’m eager for more

I’m eager for more this year. More of the life I cherish so deeply and fret over wasting even a single precious moment. Despite my feelings, there was so much more I know I could have experienced in 2014 and this year I plan on making it my mission to do (and be) all I can to experience more. 

More lit candles

More floral patterns

More creating just for fun

More words written and saved

More words written and shared

More fun!

More stolen kisses

More photographs taken

More photographs printed

More love freely given

More forgiveness offered to myself and others

More creativity channeled

More phone calls home

More snail mail sent

More giggles with my girlfriends

More time well spent

More reading completed

More tea time

More bubble baths taken

More barefoot adventures

More sunsets seen


2015, I’m ready.

Welcome September + Monthly Goals

photo-199Cheers for a new season! Ok, so technically today is still summer but September is always the harbinger of cool crisp days, warm color tones, and bushels of apples… I can’t wait. And this year is extra special because I am headed back to the classroom come October to begin my graduate studies. In a couple weeks we have a big birthday to celebrate, a visit from Simeon’s parents, a fabric dyeing workshop, and apple pressing to look forward to! It’s going to be a great Fall.

My goals this month are simple and I’m looking forward to crossing each off the list sooner rather than later.

+ Find a desk and storage console for our bedroom| We did some rearranging in the house over the past couple days and now its abundantly  clear that we need a little corner to hunker down in and a safe place to keep files and office odds and ends. The extra-fun part about this goal is that I want to thrift something which means I’m going to have to seek out all the local thrift stores which will be enjoyable in its own right.

+ Print Project Life photos | I finally  purchased a small photo printer for this express purpose since we are now too far from a Walgreens or other photo lab to justify having the photos printed. I’m so eager to start printing them as I go instead of waiting to accumulate a ton of photos before sending them to a printer.

+ Prep for a Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe | I’ve been editing, editing, editing my closet down to as few garments as possible and I’m looking forward to adding a few missing pieces to the mix from some of these eco-conscious retailers.