Happy Thanksgiving!

playing in the snowHappy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.

I feel so lucky to have my family with me in these interesting times. Though there is a lot to feel disheartened about these days, right now I am reveling in my beautiful, healthy, happy family. And for them, I am very, very thankful.

May this season remind all of us what is at the heart of all our efforts during the rest of the year: those people who make up our circles of family, friends, and loved ones and the incredibly diverse humanity of which we are a part.


Grateful, Then and Now

I just came upon this old post I started writing around this time last year. Eli was about one week old and I was feeling full of love and appreciation for my life.

It’s a treasure to come upon now as I celebrate a one year old and all the things that are still so true: a community of wonderful friends, a happy healthy baby, an amazing partner, and the love and connection of our extended family. Gratitude for all this and more wells up in me as I look at this sweet little person, so tiny and new; unaware then of what wonders were in store for him in the days that followed and what joy he would deliver to us all through his sweet, innocent existence.


imageI’m sitting here filled with deep gratitude for so many things that have helped make life wonderful this week. Things I want to remember… I’m grateful for:

My mom who came to help and has helped immeasurably. From cleaning up after us to making dirty dishes disappear to treating everyone for nagging allergies, she’s been an incredible support.

A community of friends who lined up to feed us healthy homemade (and delicious!) dinners to the point of overabundance. Everyone should be so lucky.

A tidy house.

A happy easy baby.

A husband who offers to change a diaper, soothe the babe, or bring me water before I can ask.

The sweet generosity of family whose gifts are treasured and whose tender well wishes are.

If I am left wanting it is for nothing as meaningful as these.




Grateful for...

How about a little Thursday gratitude on Sunday? Sure why not. Anytime’s a good time for some warm fuzzies.

Thursday I was down with a major headache and nausea but today is a new day! It’s amazing how easy it is to find things to feel grateful for after a rather screwy day. Indeed I am incredibly appreciative of how well my husband cares for me when I feel ill (thanks, babe!), for how my body tends itself in recovery, and for all the myriad ways my body functions to support optimal wellbeing, day in and day out.

And would you believe it? Its in the 40s-50s Fahrenheit here!! UNREAL. This time last year it was in the upper 20s, low 30s. It might have even reached 0 at one point. Other than hoping for a white Christmas for all my Christian friends, I’ll happily agree to an unseasonably warm December.

Other small loves this week:

peppermint hot chocolate • FaceTiming with family • mystery maple syrup delivery • Chavurah Hanukkah party • latkes! • baby giggles • making plans to host friends from out of town • co-working with a new mom friend • day care accommodating Eli for more hours • planning our new years card • designing a new website for my employer • working out and feeling SO energized (why is that always so surprising?) • Taco nights • coffeeeeeee

I just realized how many of these are food related. Hmm…

Hope you are having a great weekend!





Gratitude No 03

Grateful for full moons, warm days, and baby giggles. For podcasts, scented candles,  forgiveness, and do-overs. Pumpkin donuts and easy-going Sundays.

This week I made mistakes. Puh-len-tee. And when I was seen, I was still loved. When I was held, it was with compassion. I am so, so thankful for my partner, my therapist, my baby, my family… for holding me in their eyes without judgment. For allowing me the space be my human self. What a gift. What is better than to feel loved even in our mistakes? What I know now is that mistakes are not failures but opportunities to learn. I learned that this week. And you know I sure do love to learn. 😉



Gratitude No.02Gratitude for this season (my favorite!), for inspiring and motivational podcasts, always for coffee, for dream in-laws and a dream baby, for the fall colors and clear blue skies. I am grateful for a true partner-in-life, for friends who send small gifts and tokens of love, for the success of others in my circle and the knowledge that rising waters lift all boats. I am grateful for big dreams and the blossoming hope of believing in them.

This week has been so full and so busy and yet, in those small pockets of spaciousness while staring out the window of a moving car down I-91 or while catching a falling leaf (or three) while hiking through a new trail, I am deeply aware of my many, many blessings.


view from the von Trapp lodge [soultospeakblog.com]Grateful is a new Thursday blog series highlighting the things I am grateful for this week. My intention is to take the time to notice and acknowledge the contents of life that bring me feelings of joy, connection, or just make me feel upbeat. It is well known (and well documented) that maintaining a gratitude practice can lead to greater joy and well-being. I hope this series inspires you to think about what you are grateful for this week, as well.

♥ Eli’s little smiles which make his grimaces bearable

♥  A super supportive husband who drives 12 hours purely for my sake

♥ FaceTime for making it easy and fun to connect with faraway family

♥ Eli sleeping well, eating well, and being an all around easy baby

♥ Morning coffee in my new favorite (locally made!) mug

♥ A great group of local friends

♥ Having extra thank notes on hand to respond to all the gifts Eli is receiving

♥ Making it through coaching training with Eli in tow

♥ Placenta pills (help me recover from sleep loss and make me feel well rested on just 5 hours!)

♥ Sunny days after summer rainstorms

Mountains of Fire


It’s no secret that Vermont’s fall foliage boasts some of the richest, most saturated, awe inspiring colors any tree can show. Yet each year the foliage never fails to inspire even the oldest of the old Vermonters. It’s hard not to fall in love with life during the short weeks when Vermont’s Green Mountains are radically transformed from lush hills to mountains of fire.

These photos were taken at the water access point alongside Lake Elligo in the Northeast Kingdom. Last week as I drove home from my weekly co-op run, I turned a bend on Route 14 to find my view opening onto this scene. I pulled over immediately to honor my incredulity.

Magic in the ordinary. That is my life mantra; everyday I find that small moments, miracles really, help illuminate the meaning of this phrase for me. This was one such moment.

The sky was softly dressed in robes of wispy white clouds. Just below, in a chorus of echoing bold tones of orange, gold, rust and red, the hills erupted in joyous song. The harmony of earth and sky reverberated with vitality.


These kinds of magical moments are easy to miss. Our world offers so much to look at these days, so much constantly vying for our attention. I often hear people describe a kind of attention fatigue that leaves them unable to adequately embrace the present moment with all of their senses.

Living in a rural area certainly has its drawbacks–the lack of a good espresso machine anywhere within 40 miles is one. But the gifts–oh the gifts of an environment which encourages active engagement with all the highest ideals of the good life. Presence. Mindfulness. Abundance. Awe. Gratitude.

I count myself lucky to not only live in an area that affords these values, but lets them bloom freely and abundantly all around me–such as during sunset overlooking lake side foliage. And most of all, I count myself lucky to have the peace of mind to notice it at all.