Wedding mix

Mix-tape imageWhen I was in high school I listened to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales CD on endless repeat. It seemed like I didn’t go a day without playing at least a track or two. Today whenever I hear a song from that record I’m immediately transported back to those days.

I love this collection of songs below for a similar reason. These are a couple important songs from the beginning of Simeon’s and my relationship – the ones that plant me right back in his living room as I carve a pumpkin or dance with him in the kitchen while making dinner. There are songs that I’ve been listening to on the radio as I craft wedding projects, songs that will be in our processional, songs that mean everything to us.

I know that when I listen to this mix in the future I’ll be right back here, mere days away from my big day and feeling all the love (and anxiety!) that was a part of this incredible wedding season.

Spring Mixtape

Mix-tape image source

Spring is that funny time of year when one day the sun is bright, the weather is warm, and anything feels possible. And then faraway clouds get wind of the big party and want to join the fun. They can’t help but roll in with a storm of thunder and a show of lighting and shower us with their own special kind of seasonal love.

Of course I crave the clear sky and very much enjoy bathing in a sun ray. But like any 4, I totally adore spring’s moody weather too.*

Which brings me to the mix-tape. Because you just can’t play the same music at a picnic with a lemonade throwing a frisbee around that you do by a window with a mug of tea watching the rain pour. So, all you have to do now is choose the side that matches the weather and enjoy! 😉

A-Side // Sunshine

B-Side // Rainy Day