Summer Bucket List


Summer is well under way but by no means is it too late for a Bucket List!

There is so much to see and do here in Vermont and the surrounding areas in the summer. I hope we can cross off quite a few of these activities–especially now that Eli is at an age where he can truly appreciate some of them.

Arts & Entertainment

  • Antiques & Uniques
  • Bread & Puppet
  • Circus Smirkus
  • Tanglewood

Farmer’s Markets

  • Craftsbury Farmer’s Market
  • Burlington Farmer’s Market
  • Montpelier Farmer’s Market
  • Portland, Maine Farmer’s Market ?

Places to Go

  • Family hike
  • Picnic at the lake
  • Visit Cape Cod
  • Caledonia Spirits Tasting & Tour
  • Shelbourne Farms
  • Blueberry picking
  • Strawberry picking

What It Means to be a Mother


I wonder all the time why people choose to have children.

In a rational universe maternity wards would have long been efficiently repurposed and birth control would be far more ubiquitous than it is. There are millions of babies and children currently in need of a loving guardian, so why don’t those of us with the urge to parent choose to adopt instead? It’s a question I often wrestle with as I lean into my wondering.

The quick answer is biology. There is always a case of one’s “ticking clock” and “baby fever” to contend with. And accidental pregnancies too, of course.

But the answer I like better is creativity.

The singularly human need to make meaning of our experience in this world is, I believe, the urge to create. And the evocative result is art: the score, the film, the painting, the dance. In essence, these mediums are a creator’s attempt to capture and express to the rest of the world their multitudinous feelings of what it’s like to be human. The echo of that attempt lives on in the relationship between the art and its audience.

Our world is full of these creations and the remains of many, many, many attempts at meaning making.

The creative urge to make something of myself is one of the reasons I wanted to have a biological child. To literally make something of myself.

My life has new meaning because of my son. The ordinary miracle of his conception, gestation, birth, and young life is high art and it is low brow. He is my desire and my dreams expressed and made manifest.

Some synonyms for expression (according to the thesaurus) are ‘declaration’ and ‘setting forth.’ In setting forth this child into the world I declare that I believe in a hopeful future–one worth living into.

And I declare that rationalism, though a worthy companion, makes an egregious guide.


Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas and the meaning makers. xo


The #MomLife

The #MomLife

Beside me sits a pile of laundry. The whites have been folded and stacked. Now they wait patiently to be brought upstairs to their places while the darks whirl away, nearly done.

Next to that is a mug of hot (!) black tea–maple syrup and half and half too. It’s syrup season in Vermont after all.

And next to the mug is… me. Typing out thoughts as quick as I can. Nap time only lasts so long. Even the hot mug will have to wait.

I may have 90 minutes in which to luxuriate. Or a measly 20. I never quite know what to expect with naps these days. But regardless, this is the time in which I always expect myself to be able to: fold the dry laundry, start a new load, unload the dishwasher, schedule social media for my job, respond to emails, write and print work correspondence, brainstorm a work project, call back a friend, schedule a doctor’s appointment for my son, FaceTime my mother, catch up on my Instagram feed and post a poignant picture with a funny caption, stretch and exercise, reheat my coffee from the morning, and write a blog post. (My master’s thesis, additional work duties, catering business website retooling, and other side projects are saved for the after dinner hours before I slink into bed eyes already half closed.)

Now where did I put my dang cape?

Of course I feel anguish by late afternoon! I’ve set myself up to fall to my knees in desperation and hopelessness with only the promise of a sugar fix keeping me straight.

It got to a point this week when I had to finally say, enough is enough.

This #momlife gig is not about making wild expectations of myself that always set me up to fail. I need to adjust my notions of what’s possible and what’s appropriate for me to tackle each day and in this season. And I really need to lay off the sugar.

So tonight I’m committing myself to make future to do lists grounded in reality (no more cape, mama). And I intend to try a lot harder to set myself up for success by putting into my body what I what to get out: that means fueling up with the right kind of nutrition to keep me level headed and energized without the afternoon crashing, i.e. no more refined sugar.

That’s all for today.

The laundry still needs to be taken upstairs. Off I go…





12 Things I Learned in My First Three Months of Parenthood

12 Things I Learned in My First Three Months of Parenthood via soultospeakblog.comA list from present day me to the me pre-baby. 12 things she wouldn’t have guessed then but are oh so true now.

  1. Any waist size smaller than 39 weeks pregnant will feel slim.
  2. If you ever want to read again, get a kindle. One handed is the new two handed.
  3. And 8:00pm is the new 11:00pm.
  4. If the laundry gets done today, you’ve won.
  5. You never thought you’d get so comfortable lifting up your shirt in public.
  6. No matter what time it is, if you sit down to eat, he will want to too.
  7. You will require liquids from 5-11. In the a.m. it will be coffee. In the p.m., wine. Two cups will do.
  8. He is the cutest baby ever. Seriously. Other babies are cute. He is cuter.
  9. Even his cry is cute.
  10. Accepting help isn’t easy. But it gets easier.
  11. You will realize how much you have in common with a gorilla
  12. Yes, having a baby changes everything. For the better.