Grateful, Then and Now

I just came upon this old post I started writing around this time last year. Eli was about one week old and I was feeling full of love and appreciation for my life.

It’s a treasure to come upon now as I celebrate a one year old and all the things that are still so true: a community of wonderful friends, a happy healthy baby, an amazing partner, and the love and connection of our extended family. Gratitude for all this and more wells up in me as I look at this sweet little person, so tiny and new; unaware then of what wonders were in store for him in the days that followed and what joy he would deliver to us all through his sweet, innocent existence.


imageI’m sitting here filled with deep gratitude for so many things that have helped make life wonderful this week. Things I want to remember… I’m grateful for:

My mom who came to help and has helped immeasurably. From cleaning up after us to making dirty dishes disappear to treating everyone for nagging allergies, she’s been an incredible support.

A community of friends who lined up to feed us healthy homemade (and delicious!) dinners to the point of overabundance. Everyone should be so lucky.

A tidy house.

A happy easy baby.

A husband who offers to change a diaper, soothe the babe, or bring me water before I can ask.

The sweet generosity of family whose gifts are treasured and whose tender well wishes are.

If I am left wanting it is for nothing as meaningful as these.



Things I Love Thursday

It’s been a lovely week and we’re headed into an even lovelier weekend!

Before the week passes us by I want to document a few of the things I’ve loved that have made it smile-worthy. image

Thunderstorms with rain, lightning, and the requisite down-pour. ♥ Eating fresh berries by the bowl. (Including cherries!) ♥ Finishing a sweater for Baby B and starting the next knitting project right away. ♥ Sleeping without the comforter. ♥ Planning visits with friends from out of town. ♥ Impromptu lunch dates. ♥ Celebrating other people’s babies. ♥ Drinks at a new spot. ♥ Feeling supported by my family’s, friends, and community in so many ways…


Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

This is what life looks like in Vermont these days. Blue sky spotted with bright, fluffy white clouds and rolling green hills overcome with the yellow flourish of dandelions. Yes, it really is this pretty. Yes, it really is this magical. Yes, you really should come visit and see for yourself.

I’m amazed everyday at what an incredible transformation is occurring around us every day this season. It seems it was only yesterday that I walked through the neighborhood admiring the first snowfall on the thin bare trees. Now, the earth is deeply green, saturated with spring’s rains, and the many yellow dandelions across the hills look like a field of a thousand happy emoji faces. 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s been a good week, that’s for sure. Here’s what else has me extra thankful today…

Day trips through the NEK ♥ Watching Simeon get ready for a bike ride and come home exhausted and so happy. ♥ Finishing a paper for school that I’ve been putting off for months. ♥ Making great progress on a baby knitting project. ♥ Shopping for fabrics online for a sewing project. ♥ Watching the tulips in the front yard become giant tulips. ♥ Enjoying the sound of rain in the evening and in the early morning. ♥ Getting excited to see friends in a couple weeks. ♥ Thinking back fondly to this time last year when I was in Brooklyn for my bachelorette party! ♥ Getting Molly L’s postcard in the mail. ♥ Getting Molly F’s save the date in the mail! ♥ Movie night at home: finally finding a movie on Netflix to watch with Sim and enjoying it immensely. ♥ Learning a ton and enjoying the magazine writing class I’m taking online just for fun. ♥

Things I Love Thursday

Around here 1It’s hard not to title this post straight up NAPS so I’m going to begin with what is obviously my favorite thing happening this week: sleep. I keep thinking of making a “Before Baby Bucket-List” but the only item on it would probably be sleep, right? I enjoyed many naps this week and made sure I didn’t bring one ounce of guilt with me to bed. It’s just that season of hibernating while this under-belly bud sprouts and grows until it’s ready to blossom. What a joy it will be then, too, but for now- NAPS is where its at.

Ok, ok but there were a lot of other joyful moments + things this week in addition…

This list of answers to the question, “Parenting is…” Worth the click, it will make you chuckle – I guarantee. (Thanks Aunt Debbie!) ♥ The full moon. ♥ Going to bed with the windows open. ♥ Listening to the evening peepers peep. ♥ A perfect visit from the Bittmans. (Thanks again for coming up!) ♥ Healthy check-up at my 32 week appointment. ♥ Getting out and about in the evening for an easy walk. ♥ Catching up on my school work. ♥ Enjoying a double dinner date with friends. ♥ Thinking about a project for Baby Bittman! ♥ Listening to the new Mumford & Sons album. ♥ A great practice coaching session with my cohort colleague. ♥ Feeling the baby roll around in my belly never gets old. ♥

Things I Love Thursday


The sun is out, the snow has melted, the birds are chirping and singing their songs and I for one could not be more pleased that spring has finally arrived. I had no idea just how impactful a shift in weather could be but this week has proved that Nature’s power is indeed exceptional. Today I’m off to Connecticut for another weekend seminar at The Graduate Institute and I’m looking forward to being immersed in our curriculum once again. I so enjoy my cohort and instructors and find great inspiration in being in their presence. It’s going to be a good weekend.

Other inspiring moments this week…

Evening walks with Sim ♥ Celebrating 100 days of daily yoga ♥ Getting book after book in the mail ♥ Receiving a gift for Baby Bittman ♥ Waking up to sunshine ♥ Putting the finishing touches on my capsule wardrobe ♥ Selecting a couch (that I’ll hopefully be picking up later today!) ♥ Spotting the first Snow Drops appear in the ground ♥ Chocolate peanut butter cookies ♥ Sending mail just because ♥ Watching Mo snooze in a sun spot ♥

Things I Love Thursday

IMG_8679How has a week passed already?? The days are getting longer but somehow they are moving more quickly than I can keep up with.

It was so good to be home after weeks of travel. Honestly, it felt a bit odd to step into my house for the first time in nearly three weeks but more so I felt relieved and comforted. The only thing that would have made it better is for it to stop looking like December around here and start looking like April! Simeon and I agreed not to say anything negative about the weather anymore – that has been so difficult this week as we wake up to a fresh layer of snow nearly every day. But I’m grinning through it (my chiropractor asked if I’ve been clenching my teeth lately, ahem) and I’m doing my best to be thrilled about the warmer temps and birds singing in the tall trees outside our yard.

Other thrilling or just plain delightful things this week include…

Unsolicited Mo cuddles (especially when she crawled up on my back and sat on my neck like a scarf! See the picture above). ♥ Getting through a couple books this week. ♥ Lots of coaching practice. ♥ Fresh flowers upstairs and downstairs. ♥ Gold stars at my recent prenatal check-up. ♥ Sharing my Blessing Way book of letters with Simeon. ♥ Sticking with my daily yoga practice even when I don’t feel like it. ♥ Naps. ♥ Reconnecting with my old housemate! ♥ Dreaming of getting a new (bigger!) bed. ♥ Good mail days (more books!). ♥

It’s going to be a great weekend up here. Hope yours will be equally wonderful. xo

Things I Love Thursday

Awaken CafeNothing like spring in California, that’s for sure. I’m sorry to see this week come to a close but there is still so much to look forward to before I head out on Saturday. There’s my Blessing Way tonight and tomorrow the rest of my family arrives to celebrate Passover. I can’t wait to see everyone! Meanwhile, this week has been such a joy – time with family, sunshine, excitements, and renewal. I’m feeling refreshed and eager for more of spring’s delights.

This week I’ve loved…

Squeezing my family! ♥ Reconnecting with friends. ♥ Shopping for new clothes (dressing the bump!). ♥ Phone calls with Sim. ♥ Time outside. ♥ Coaching and being coached. ♥ Giving life to my dreams. ♥ Celebrating at my Blessing Way. ♥ Preparing for Passover. ♥ Organizing my school work files. ♥ Getting clarity on work. ♥ Watching the bump dance. ♥ Enjoying the fresh warm spring air. ♥ Visiting Oakland. ♥ Eating an In ‘n Out burger and drinking Peet’s Coffee. ♥ Cakes from Freeport bakery. ♥ Birthdays everyday. ♥ Naps. ♥ Going to the farmer’s market and being approached by a Jamaican. *It’s a girl, mon!* ♥