One Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year wedding anniversary. wedding-5I’m a mess of emotions today not only because this last month of pregnancy has been the most highly charged emotionally, but because I nearly forgot our anniversary. Ya, I’m that guy.

I wish that I could say I had something elaborate planned out for our weekend…A getaway, a party, a present even. But the truth is, in some ways I think it’s a little bit wonderful that we have been so engaged in our life together that we almost missed this date and occasion.

And of course, I would be remiss not to state the obvious – at least for me: Where has the time gone?!

wedding-15I still walk into a thrift store and feel a pull to look at the mug section. Wasn’t I just completing the seating plan last week? How can it be that a year has passed us by already? And there’s the clue I think. It hasn’t passed us by so much as we have been an active part of seeing it through.

Since the wedding we’ve honeymooned, changed jobs, moved, gotten pregnant, moved again, made new friends, explored our new community, gone on vacation to Jamaica, and braved the coldest winter I’ve ever known. A lot has happened this year for us and it makes sense that time would feel fleeting among the hubbub.

Most importantly, in this one year I have grown closer to my husband. We have shared so many hours in the car, so many hard choices, so many obstacles, so many quiet-daily-wins. We have become more patient with each other, more understanding. And we have each become even more in awe of this person across the table. This incredible individual who said, You. I choose you. You are my person. And made it so with a wedding one year ago.

I am so eager for what lies ahead for us this year and so damn excited about becoming a family of three in a few weeks time. What might next June look like I wonder?


Happy first anniversary, Simeon, I love you.

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All photos by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Wedding photos!

sacramento-coffee-wedding-14Our amazing wedding photographer, Heather Elizabeth, posted yesterday about our wedding with tons of great images that really tell the story and capture the day. Check out the full spread on her blog here. We are so thrilled with the images and I can’t stop looking at them over, and over, and over…and over…


All images by Heather Elizabeth.

Wedding programs

DIY wedding programs 1Our wedding programs were one of the easiest DIYs to make. My intention was to make something simple with a twist, something I could easily churn through in couple of sittings. And that’s exactly what I did. After perusing Pinterest for ideas it was actually the paper from Paper Source that made the final decision a snap. I chose white size #10 note card paper and a navy blue #10 backing because I had just confirmed blue for the bridesmaid dresses and I liked the idea that the programs would color coordinate. (Imagine that? Color coordination… at a wedding. Ha!)

The program copy came together fairly easily. We obviously wanted to include the important details of the day like the location, date, time, and our officiant’s name. I super sized our names (not like our guests didn’t know who we are!) to create columns under which I added the names of our wedding party. As you can see, I listed them in alphabetical order only because we hadn’t decided upon a walking order at that time and I needed to get this project done quickly with a number of other things filling my to do list. I didn’t think it would be much of an issue for the guests since I figured they would promptly forget everyone’s name anyway.

DIY wedding programs 2My favorite part is the monogram I created based off of our invitation which shows the same black circle with our initials. It really became our “branding” for the day (how trendy!).

Since our ceremony was a relatively traditional Jewish one and many of our guests were non-Jews, I included some short descriptions of the major pillars of the ceremony and a brief explanation of why they were important to us. And at the bottom, a heartfelt thank-you to our parents who truly did make the wedding day possible.

DIY wedding programs 3Putting these all together was a cinch as well. The backings came with holes pre-punched and I used a narrow knitting needle and the backing as a guide to punch holes in the white paper. Then I strung yellow baker’s twine (left over from the invitations) to create the tie. I really loved the consistency of the twine from one paper good to another and the mustard color played off of the navy nicely. I thought I might have needed to glue the top fold down but the twine was actually sturdy enough to hold the two pieces together.

I printed all the programs on my home printer with black ink and in a few sittings, these babes were done and shipped off to my parents house to await their big day debut!

PS I couldn’t help but include this sweet doodle of me and Simeon by my friend and artist Charlie Schneider, which he composed during the wedding toasts on the back of his program. It makes this memento extra special for sure.

DIY wedding programs 4

PPS You might have noticed that the list of the bridal party does not mention groomsmen, but rather best men only. With two brothers and a group of very special friends, Simeon decided that all his groomsmen would be “best men.” At first, I hesitated to “allow” such a thing, but quickly realized that this was our wedding and we could do whatever we wanted. Of course all his groomsmen would be best men! And they were the best. The very best. Except when Brendan decided to take a nap at exactly the moment we needed to take wedding party photos and no one could find him. That was not the best. But I admit it was hilarious. Because…who does that.





We did it! Simeon and I were married in a magical ceremony in Sacramento, CA that had us both in tears of bliss. It was all a dream come true and truthfully, I’m still on cloud 9.

I absolutely love this shot from our photographer, Heather Elizabeth, which so perfectly encapsulates the fun, passion, and love of our wedding and reception.

More to come…



Advice to myself on the day before my wedding

Dear Bride-to-be,

You’re here! You made it to this special moment just before the ‘big’ day and you’re doing so well. With programs printed, favors wrapped and friends flying in from across the country, you only need to relax and enjoy. But you’ve been doing that all along, it’s clear. Despite the late nights putting together finishing touches, you’ve been enjoying the process and as you know, that’s what matters most.

This is a journey, no doubt about it. The road you’ve been following since he first placed that ring on your finger in mid October has now wound its way through a dry autumn and frosty winter and brought you through spring’s renewal out onto a new plateau. From here, look behind you at the valley you came from and honor it. Then look to the mountains beside you and bless them. Then at last, reach for the wind, and take a step into the wide open vista of your future with the fearlessness of an adventurer on new terrain.

Tomorrow’s marriage binds the uniting of your heart to your fiance’s heart, your soul to his soul, and by law you will at once belong to one another in a way you cannot yet describe with accuracy. It’s obvious, you are ecstatic to belong. You are creating a new family; you and he will be the roots that begin to grow deeper into one another and your time and place. You will anchor a new generation and part of you will blossom in ways you cannot yet imagine.

There is a feeling inside you, I know, that lumbers alongside that obvious joy. The bittersweet reflection on time passing too quickly. Don’t fear those soft focus memories. You are where you are. Accept your presence. Your present. You are where you are. It’s the simplest idea and yet, don’t forget to look at what you find beautiful and relish it, look into the eyes of your loved ones and hold them with your gaze, breathe deeply and know that you are beautiful inside and out.

This is a perfect moment, as all others are, to reflect, but also to simply enjoy. You are so loved and there is no better moment to bask in love’s golden glow. Alright, now go have some fun!



Wedding mix

Mix-tape imageWhen I was in high school I listened to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales CD on endless repeat. It seemed like I didn’t go a day without playing at least a track or two. Today whenever I hear a song from that record I’m immediately transported back to those days.

I love this collection of songs below for a similar reason. These are a couple important songs from the beginning of Simeon’s and my relationship – the ones that plant me right back in his living room as I carve a pumpkin or dance with him in the kitchen while making dinner. There are songs that I’ve been listening to on the radio as I craft wedding projects, songs that will be in our processional, songs that mean everything to us.

I know that when I listen to this mix in the future I’ll be right back here, mere days away from my big day and feeling all the love (and anxiety!) that was a part of this incredible wedding season.